for us, The future is already past

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Let us help you holisticly restore client-focused convergence and continually pursue agile value. While other struggle grasping the technology of the present, we have a motto: The future? Already past.

What we will do for you

Results speak. Ask our partners.

We have competently orchestrated professional communities for years. Integrating seamlessly supply-chains and next-gen strategic paradigms, our clients see an increase in engagement in their user-centric experiences. The focus on the customer journey is key to a permeating core competency.


Feel the impact of your adaptive initiatives through our touchpoint retargeting.


Never linger in the underbelly of the Net. Your time to shine starts now.


Take a look at the environmentally friendly technologies we will provide to your company.

Our successes


Don’t take our words for granted.

Project Fallout

Building set-step business dioramas through creative radiation.

Project Anthrax

Infectious metrics for mail-in capital exploitation

Project Wildfire

Sweeping statistic based generalizations to prevent fizzling and burn out.

Our awesome clients

Client Testimonials

We definitely didn’t pay them – here’s what our clients say:

The fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. And they never laugh.


T. Culls

People say nothing is impossible, but does nothing every single day. We saw an increase of over 150% in restructuring and turn over in just five weeks. The data is conclusive.



They promised me a discount if I did one of these things, but honest to truth, I actually never paid for any of their ramblings. Still, 20% off is 20% off.



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Shying away from cold analytics

The power of data, farther than ever.

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Our Team

We are not normal people. Some say we are not normal at all. Or people.

Team Member

Schadenfreude architect

Our clients are always shocked when they sit on my taser.

Team Member

Human-Coffee machine relationship Director 

When you’re having fun, work doesn’t feel like work, and at Frapuz, work DOES feel like work.

Team Member

Resident unpaid intern

I always saw myself working in a mirror factory, and I now know you should always follow your dreams.

Team Member


Is a not-for-profit organization?
Well, techically no, but actually yes.

Team Member


I refuse to claim responsibility for any of this.

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